lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2013

A bit about Truckee!

Here is a bit about our school and town. A student wrote the information and researched the videos. Enjoy!

This is a photo in front of our school Our mascot is the Wolverine! 
Grrrr! Go Wolverines!

...The people in Truckee tend to be more chill than anyone else in America, along with more adventurous. In our free time us Truckee-ans tend to find ourselves at ski resorts, restaurants or out on dome dirt road in the middle of no where looking for adventure, depending on who you are. We have been voted number 4 on the list of America’s snowiest towns, and are quite proud of our ranking. The old town is beautiful buildings from the 1800’s and they have quite a story.

Our school has about 700 kids and almost everyone knows everyone. The teachers are all very nice, and let the kids know that they are respected more than as just a teenager. We have kids into sports, band, books and I would even say there is an entire genre of kids into skiing alone.

Here is a link to our local LIVE webcam! The webcam doesn't seem to be running right now but I bet they'll have it fixed soon. Check it out to see our downtown and when it snows!

Also here are some videos on Truckee.

This first video is a great idea of what locals love about Truckee! I couldn't get the link to embed properly so you will have to click on this link.

This is our Chamber of Commerce site. Click on the Media link in the bottom right hand corner for great videos.

Hope you all enjoy!

jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013


Para nuestros 'pen-pals' norteamericanos.
Nos gustaría que nos contarais algo sobre 'Thanksgiving'. Sabemos que es una fiesta típicamente americana. Pero nos gustaría saber algo mas.

1. Haz clic en el enlace.
2. Una vez en el '
tablón de anuncios', haga doble clic para crear un cuadro de texto.
3. Su mensaje no será visible hasta que no lo apruebe.

Si quieres verlo mas grande haz click aquí.

domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Some basic information about our school

La Malladeta is a mixed high school with eighty teachers and approximately one thousand students of compulsory secondary education and post-compulsory studies, including training cycles. It is a big, modern centre in the town of Villajoyosa (Alicante), near Benidorm.  The school is in a very beautiful area, near the beach. It is also quite near important cities like Alicante and Valencia.

Some basic information about La Vila Joiosa

Villajoyosa (Spanish), or  La Vila Joiosa (Valencian) is a coastal town and municipality in the Province of Alicante, Valencian Community, Spain, by the Mediterranean Sea. The town is known to the locals simply as La Vila
It is the historic and administrative capital of the comarca of Marina Baixa and is located 32 km from the city of Alicante, in the coastal area known as Costa Blanca (White Coast). La Vila Joiosa literally means Joyful Town, although the inhabitants often abbreviate it to La Vila. It has over three kilometers of beaches, including La Platja Centre (Central Beach), close to the city centre. The river Amadori runs through La Vila.
The area is famous for its chocolate industry and tourism. One of the most popular tourist attractions is its Gothic Catholic church of the Assumption, with a Baroque altar piece.  The town's festival of Moros i cristians, celebrated at the end of July, was declared an International Tourist Interest Festival.